woensdag 16 maart 2011

Pizza, Movies & Me.

I'm at home, because I'm ill. Yesterday I thought I could go to school today, but this morning I still felt like crap. So I'll just be home another day. I don't mind actually.

Don't have much inspiration for a blogpost, but I'll try :D

Well, one and a half week ago I invited my friends to come over and make pizza! Miranda and I made one and the other was made by Lisanne and Donna. *Donna, if you are reading this, you have to make a blog!* First, we spread the tomatosauce all over the pizza, then we decorated it with a beautiful green paprika-heart. Paprikas do have hearts- even artichokes have hearts. We had a mission; make our pizza more delicious than the one of Donna and Lisanne! We tried to sabotage their pizza by throwing green paprika over it.
Isn't that original?

Look at their pizza! Green paprika!

After the pizzafight we threw them in the oven and waited for them to be ready. They called us... wanted us.... And then there was a loud *beep-beep!*. My precious was ready! We setted the table and put the pizzas on it. The moment we took the first bite we knew we were landed in heaven. And after a while we came to the conclusion both pizzas were absolutely delicious.

You know what I like? Taking funny pictures of me. I love the way a photo can catch a moment... before it is gone. So here some pictures.

Wow! This is crazy! When I see them in a row I look so different on every picture. Like I have three different personalities or so. Rawr, watch out people.

And ofcourse, some nature photos. What do you think of them?

Well, I guess I did have some inspiration after all.

Oh and for the movielovers; I put three moviequotes in the whole post. Can you find them and tell from which movies they are?

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Jeetje wat was dat leuk.. ohh en die Pizza's zooo lekker!

    Hmm. tja eigen blog maken he. Tja ik beloof er een te maken zodra ik een beetje tijd heb.. En met die toetsweek gaat dat nog even niet lukken.

    Jij veel beterschap.. Hopen dat je er morgen bent! Is behoorlijk saai zonder jou!

    Oow ik zie een moviequotes.. dat is mijn lievelingsquote van de film The Lovely Bones: I love the way a photo can catch a moment... before it is gone.
    Verder zie ik er geen.. :( Achja



  2. Die pizza ziet er goed uit!
    Mooi foto's!

  3. ziet er supergezellig uit clau =D
    en ik denk:
    -I love the way a photo can catch a moment... before it is gone (die dacht ik ook voordat ik 't van donna gelezen had haha!)
    -even artichokes have hearts.
    -my precious? gokje Ö