zaterdag 31 december 2011

Baking skills improved!

I didn't post anything for ages. I can think of many excuses, but really, there's only one excuse: I had no inspiration.
My outfits aren't that special(only sometimes) and though I'm very creative, I just can't think of any subjects.

But now, I thought of one. And this might just be the beginning of more blogposts.
I hope you enjoy this post. It's about everything I baked in 2011!

First of all: the rainbow cake I baked with three friends. We loved it.

Here's a cupcake, it was just a thing I tried, but turned out pretty well. The inside is pink with chocolate!
And some cupcakes I baked with my friend Loes.
And when she came back from America her boyfriend and I made this cake. It was delicious.
These cakepops were just freaking awesome. And tasted freaking heavenly.
Halloween cupcakes with fondant!For my christmas dinner with friends I baked a cake, christmas-tree-shaped. Covered it with fondant.

And for my christmas dinner at school I baked this rainbow cake. Covered it with buttercream!
Another Christmas baking afternoon! This time for a party at my boyfriends house, with his family and presents and we played trivial pursuit and it was all very nice. Just like the cupcakes.
Last, but definitely not least, a cake I built for my friend Donna. She asked me to bake a rainbow cake for her new year's party. My first order! The cake is covered with fondant, and the blue stars are shiny because I spread edible glitters on them.I hope you enjoyed this post!