maandag 28 februari 2011

YOU are awesome.

I'm back from Londen! (it was only a day, but still :D) It was awesome. Really had fun, shopping went great. I love the stores we went to, Topshop, Primark...
Maybe these days I'll have time to post some good pictures of my purchases, but I keep forgetting it and lazy as I am, I feel like 'nah' when it's a good time to take pictures of them.
But, how about an outfit? Blouse is from Zara, dress from H&M, necklace from Claire's and brogues from the Primark. Yeah, the blouse and brogues are new!
And just a thought came up to my mind... you will see all of my purchases, but maybe some in an outfit, some not (:
Sorry for the lame pictures! The weather doesn't like me today, so I had to take the pictures in my house, my room. Not very eh, blogworthy? But hey! Polar bears don't like pancakes, so why would math be so difficult?

And these I wanted to share with you:

A feelgood video:
You should see it, it's beautiful (:

See ya!

dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Once there's hope, anything is possible.

Hi! A brand new outfit post for you (:

23 February, a dream will come true. I'm going to shop in London for a whole day with my two friends! We have to get up really early (about 2 a.m.) but my dad will drive us to Düsseldorf, where a plane will be waiting for us to fly to London!
My dad will go to a museum, he doesn't know which one yet. Miranda, Donna and I will shop in Oxford Street, and at the end of the day we will fly back to Düsseldorf and then drive back to our hometown. I'm so excited! It'll be on the wednesday in the vacation.
I think I will be exhausted, haha.
But soon, I'll post my wishlist and things I'm hoping to find in the stores!