vrijdag 31 december 2010


Hi everyone!
I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.
I hope you win the second prize in the Oudejaarsloterij
because I am going to win the first prize :D haha
And I hope this will be a year of good grades, of friendship, of love.

Tonight it's your night. So kiss the boy you like, look at all the fireworks and just be happy.

Happy New Year!

donderdag 30 december 2010

I went for sale; but came back with everything but sale items

Okay, so maybe the title was a bit overdone. The shoes were sale, actually. But the other items weren't!
I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. They are so extremely comfortable for heels!

This is a shirt from the Vero Moda.
The following shirt is a typical me-shirt.
One of my slogans:
Als er cake is, is er hoop. En er is altijd cake.
- Tijd van leven, Dean Koontz
And this is actually a scarfhat my mother bought
But I like it. So why not take a picture of it? :D

maandag 27 december 2010

Best Christmas Ever

This years Christmas was the best Christmas ever.

Everything was cosy and everyone was nice, it was awesome. Not to mention the presents we got from our parents(I mean Santa, sorry!) and each other! There were-how should I put this- many presents. But then I mean really many. Take a look yourself!
Do I think this is normal? No. It isn't. When I saw all of them, I felt like I was in heaven.
There were actually 64 presents. Yes, I counted them.
No, that is not normal. But please don't blame me when I say I liked it! :]
Hey, that's me. With lemonade. ;D

Now my presents!
Okay, let's start with the best present. I am totally in love with it.
Sorry. I let myself go for a moment there.
So you can see, I am really happy with it.
My mother let a smith made it for me. She was not able to find a shop where they already sell the necklace, it seems even in America it's not for sale yet!
So I am one of the few persons in the world who has a deathly hallows necklace.
I love my mom.

This is a really good movie. My favourite actor is in it; Cillian Murphy!

An objective lens for my camera =D I also got a telephoto lens.

A beautiful ring in the background, a necklace with a cup of tea and a wonderful, big necklace my dad gave to me.
I got THREE hats. Three. That are many hats. This is a panda bear hat(left) :'D and my brother gave me a brown cap(middle) and my mom gave me a white fluffy hat(right). Then we have the scarf with a northern print =D I love them all!
Polymer clay and a water thingie, so I can make the content myself.
This is a protection angel my mother got me (:

I asked fot these presents; little christmas houses/situations. You know those things in big department stores? With all the lights and the trains and the rollercoaster and the lights? I love it. Every Christmas I will ask one little house or thing and when I am 60 years old I can fill a living room with my collection =D

My little brother gave me an owl t-shirt =D it matches with the brown cap. Woohoo!

Everybody should read this book. Everytime I read a story, I almost have to cry.
And I got nice, warm socks 8D

Okay, this was probably the biggest post I ever posted! It took me half an hour. So you'd better watch out... and leave a response! Haha, how was your Christmas?

Byee (:

dinsdag 21 december 2010

Girls night - Christmas edition!

Last week, or actually now I think about it almost two weeks ago, I had a sleepover at my place with three friends! Donna, Miranda and Lisanne brought their sleeping bags and pillows and we stayed up almost all night, watching 'The Game' and 'A walk to remember' while eating popcorn and cookies. It was awesome :D
During the afternoon we made gingerbread houses. We took a lot of pictures of them. Oh by the way, there are three little houses because Lisanne came a little later than the others (:

Look at them!

And this is my gingerbread house 8D

My lovely friend Miranda (:
Look at those angels! It's Donna and.. me xD surprise!
All together (:
And look, there we have Lisanne =D

Well, I hope you have a nice vacation =]
Enjoy it!
Friday I will be walking around town with a FREE HUGS sign. I'll post pictures of that or a movie once it's finished!

woensdag 15 december 2010

I ran out of time, and now I must pay

Okay, this one is for my good friend Loes! She said I should update more often :3
I guess I don't have enough time... but then again, we can make it!
She is my super duper nice sweet follower.

Okay. Now I'll post more often. I promise!