dinsdag 21 december 2010

Girls night - Christmas edition!

Last week, or actually now I think about it almost two weeks ago, I had a sleepover at my place with three friends! Donna, Miranda and Lisanne brought their sleeping bags and pillows and we stayed up almost all night, watching 'The Game' and 'A walk to remember' while eating popcorn and cookies. It was awesome :D
During the afternoon we made gingerbread houses. We took a lot of pictures of them. Oh by the way, there are three little houses because Lisanne came a little later than the others (:

Look at them!

And this is my gingerbread house 8D

My lovely friend Miranda (:
Look at those angels! It's Donna and.. me xD surprise!
All together (:
And look, there we have Lisanne =D

Well, I hope you have a nice vacation =]
Enjoy it!
Friday I will be walking around town with a FREE HUGS sign. I'll post pictures of that or a movie once it's finished!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Klinkt heel gezellig! Die huisjes zijn zo schattig.

  2. wat een schattige huisjes!
    leuke foto's verder, het ziet er heel gezellig uit!

  3. Ahw, wat zijn de foto's leuk geworden zeg:D:D

    Volgens mij hebben jij, ik en miranda onze scheidingen en ponnie's aan dezelfde kant;)

    Gosshie, wat was het gezzellllig!!!