maandag 27 december 2010

Best Christmas Ever

This years Christmas was the best Christmas ever.

Everything was cosy and everyone was nice, it was awesome. Not to mention the presents we got from our parents(I mean Santa, sorry!) and each other! There were-how should I put this- many presents. But then I mean really many. Take a look yourself!
Do I think this is normal? No. It isn't. When I saw all of them, I felt like I was in heaven.
There were actually 64 presents. Yes, I counted them.
No, that is not normal. But please don't blame me when I say I liked it! :]
Hey, that's me. With lemonade. ;D

Now my presents!
Okay, let's start with the best present. I am totally in love with it.
Sorry. I let myself go for a moment there.
So you can see, I am really happy with it.
My mother let a smith made it for me. She was not able to find a shop where they already sell the necklace, it seems even in America it's not for sale yet!
So I am one of the few persons in the world who has a deathly hallows necklace.
I love my mom.

This is a really good movie. My favourite actor is in it; Cillian Murphy!

An objective lens for my camera =D I also got a telephoto lens.

A beautiful ring in the background, a necklace with a cup of tea and a wonderful, big necklace my dad gave to me.
I got THREE hats. Three. That are many hats. This is a panda bear hat(left) :'D and my brother gave me a brown cap(middle) and my mom gave me a white fluffy hat(right). Then we have the scarf with a northern print =D I love them all!
Polymer clay and a water thingie, so I can make the content myself.
This is a protection angel my mother got me (:

I asked fot these presents; little christmas houses/situations. You know those things in big department stores? With all the lights and the trains and the rollercoaster and the lights? I love it. Every Christmas I will ask one little house or thing and when I am 60 years old I can fill a living room with my collection =D

My little brother gave me an owl t-shirt =D it matches with the brown cap. Woohoo!

Everybody should read this book. Everytime I read a story, I almost have to cry.
And I got nice, warm socks 8D

Okay, this was probably the biggest post I ever posted! It took me half an hour. So you'd better watch out... and leave a response! Haha, how was your Christmas?

Byee (:

11 opmerkingen:

  1. oh wauwie!!!
    wat een geweldige kado's!
    ik ben jaloers op jouw deathly hallow ketting!

  2. Wat superveel cadeaus. Heel leuk allemaal! Ben toch wel benieuwd wat er in alles zat, haha.

  3. Je schrijft echt superleuk! En trouwens, die Deathly Hallows ketting is jaloersmakendddd, echt ik vind die zo leuk!

  4. ziet er superleuk uit! , haha.
    en vooral gezellig ! ^^

    leuke blog heb je. :)
    lovee '
    - ik volg je (;

  5. Ziet er supergezellig uit en wat veel cadeaus! Mijn Kerst was ook erg gezellig :).

  6. Wauw, wat veel cadeaus! :o En die ketting is echt gaaf, ik ben echt jaloers! En je hebt een leuke blog, ik ga je volgen. (:


  7. WOW ik ben echt superrrrr jaloers op die Deathly hallows ketting!!!!
    Echt geweldig!

  8. Superleuk, die kerstboom met al die cadeautjes (:
    En je moeder is geweldig ;o Speciaal naar een smid voor zo'n ketting ;o

  9. Wow superveel cadeaus zeg haha!
    Wel echt superleuke ook,
    vooral die ketting die je van je paps hebt gekregen is echt te lief! En die sokken!
    &Je staat mooi op die foto waar je limonade drinkt ^^

  10. Ik vind je ketting echt zo vet! Weet je toevallig hoe duur het is geweest om te maken? Ik denk er over om ook naar zo'n smid te gaan. Liefs,