vrijdag 3 september 2010

Humor makes a life better

I found some things at the internet, like pictures, shoes or situations and I just wanted to share them with you! I wonder if you find them just as funny as I find them, so here we go :)


This may sound weird, but you should try to type http://bacolicio.us/ into your browser bar, following by a full website URL. Like http://bacolicio.us/http://blogspot.com it totally doesn't make any sense but it's funny.

Funny shirt

Look at this shirt! It's amazing. Wouldn't wear it, but I think it is a piece of art. Maybe I would wear it. In summervacation. Yeah, maybe. Or maybe not.


Wow, these shoes! Did I say the shirt was a piece of art? Well, then I take it back. I have a new destination for that comment.

Still want them...

The Topshop Wileys. I want them so badly, but then in the colour brown. I was like ''LOOK mom these shoes!'' and then she was like ''WOW they are so high.'' *sigh* Why not say something like they are beautiful. Are they high? Yes. So what? Hehe xD

True story

Hehe, couldn't help but laughing. I had to post this one.

And the last

I was like awwww :3 my favorite actor pulling such a cute face!

Well, that was it! Hope you enjoyed this post :)

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