zondag 29 augustus 2010

Order on DP

I just ordered four pieces of clothes on Dorothy Perkins! I've been looking at online shops for weeks, and don't you get the feeling too, you want to buy things, but simply can't bring it up to actually pay and buy them? It sounds really weird and it's confusing. Also, my head is full of nonsense and stuff so it makes it harder to ''organise'' all the thoughts. And clothes.

So I think I just won a battle with my thoughts and ordered in the sale ;D

5 opmerkingen:

  1. leuke bestelling, vooral geweldige schoenen!!

  2. Oh die schoenen, wauw! En dat kleedje is ook supermooi :) xx

  3. Loooove these shoes!

    xx. http://livingafashionablelife.blogspot.com

  4. AAH die schoenen
    hebben hebben
    is 't goed als ik ze kom stelen zodra je ze binnen hebt :3