zaterdag 31 december 2011

Baking skills improved!

I didn't post anything for ages. I can think of many excuses, but really, there's only one excuse: I had no inspiration.
My outfits aren't that special(only sometimes) and though I'm very creative, I just can't think of any subjects.

But now, I thought of one. And this might just be the beginning of more blogposts.
I hope you enjoy this post. It's about everything I baked in 2011!

First of all: the rainbow cake I baked with three friends. We loved it.

Here's a cupcake, it was just a thing I tried, but turned out pretty well. The inside is pink with chocolate!
And some cupcakes I baked with my friend Loes.
And when she came back from America her boyfriend and I made this cake. It was delicious.
These cakepops were just freaking awesome. And tasted freaking heavenly.
Halloween cupcakes with fondant!For my christmas dinner with friends I baked a cake, christmas-tree-shaped. Covered it with fondant.

And for my christmas dinner at school I baked this rainbow cake. Covered it with buttercream!
Another Christmas baking afternoon! This time for a party at my boyfriends house, with his family and presents and we played trivial pursuit and it was all very nice. Just like the cupcakes.
Last, but definitely not least, a cake I built for my friend Donna. She asked me to bake a rainbow cake for her new year's party. My first order! The cake is covered with fondant, and the blue stars are shiny because I spread edible glitters on them.I hope you enjoyed this post!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. The pine-like rainbow cake is trippy bro. I would like to eat it listening to Magical Mystery Tour. And by the way, edible glitters are the best.

  2. I think it's beautiful, putting over six hours of work and love in a cake just so others can enjoy it.

  3. Ik krijg honger hiervan! Ziet er allemaal heel erg leuk uit!
    Ik ga je zeker volgen!

    Zou je ook eens een kijkje willen nemen op mijn blog, (en mischien mee willen doen aan de giveaway?)


  4. Waah krijg er honger van! Nu wil ik het zelf ook maken!

    With love, Cindy

  5. Wauw!
    Super mooie cakes allemaal!

    Liefs, Emily