donderdag 15 september 2011

Cake pops!

Hello everybody! Yesterday I felt like baking something, so I decided to try cake pops. It's cake on a stick and then you eat it. Oh yes, chocolate is involved. Can't get better, right?
First, make sure you have all the ingredients. What you need is a normal cakemix, food coloring, chocolate, cake pop sticks(you can buy them at the candy store) and decoration.

Oh yeah, I failed with the chocolate. I used a keyboard from chocolate I once got as a present, but that was because we didn't have any chocolate at home.

Add food coloring to the cakemix.. I used green coloring, but you can use any color you like!
Rawr.Once it's baked, let the cake cool down. Crumble it. Make sure you crumble it really well. Then, add some buttercream.(tried everything else, didn't work) Make a big ball of the cake because now it is sticky and then make small balls. Dip the end of each stick into the melted chocolate. Stick them in the small balls and put them in the freeze for 45 minutes. After the freeze take them out, melt the chocolate in a deep can and stick them in the melted chocolate. Turn the stick, so the chocolate that's too much falls off and when it's still wet, put some decoration over it. Finally, let it cool in the fridge.

And... the result! They taste so incredibly good. So sweet, so nice, IT'S LIKE A DREAM
My mother with a cake popAnd the inside.... green!

I managed to get 35 cake pops out of one cake. I brought 15 to school and everyone liked them very much. It's a lot of work, I was busy all evening and afternoon, but it's a great present or treat for someone's or your own birthday!

Hope you liked it!

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