maandag 6 juni 2011

Rainbow Cake...

Hellooo my mustache fellow bloggers.
Above you see a picture with me and my three best friends. We had an awesome day friday, 'cause we made a rainbow cake. A real rainbow cake, with six layers.
Well, here sort of the tutorial! It's kind of easy, but takes a LOT of time!

We started with mixing the cake mix. We had two cakemixes for one rainbow cake.

Here you see the coloring of the cakemix, we used six different colors. You only need a little bit of food-coloring to make it look like this;

We put the cakemix in the oven, in different cake plates. After that we let it cool down and with butter cream we put the layers on top of each other.

Hey man. What's up man.

The other three layers had to go in the oven too, so we decided to go outside, since it was very warm and nice there. And then the fun hit us.

Me pretending to be dead :D Donna too. Lisanne is laughing about us. Yeah!


Airplanes :D

Okay, back to the cake! Once we put all the layers on top of each other, we smoothed it with buttercream. And then we added smarties to make it look even more rainbow.

Well, we put the word 'hope' on top of it! 'Als er cake is, is er hoop. En er is altijd cake.'

A famous quote we all know.

We cut the cake....


isn't that amazing? Geez, it's so beautiful! And the colors, they turned out so good!

Hmmmm.... it was really tasty.

Well, I'm out of cake. It was delicious and so thought my family haha. I hadn't thought it'd turn out this great. It was a wonderful afternoon with a lot of fun, jokes and cake!

Hope you like it!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. oh wow, dat ziet er echt superlekker uit! Helaas heb ik geen bakskills. :') IK WIL DAT OOK KUNNEN, haha!

  2. Wat een gave cake! En ik wou dat ik net zulke vrienden had :)

  3. die ziet er echt lekker uit!!
    ik wil ook wel een stukje :P
    Echt super leuk gemaakt!!

  4. Oef, wat was dat lekker en leuk zeg!

    We moeten het nog eens doen;)

    Ghehe, moest die foto op het laatst nou van mij?? schaam, schaam..

  5. waar kan je voedsel kleurstof kopen

  6. je hebt online webshops voor taarten decoratie, beslag enz. daar kan je t bestellen