maandag 10 januari 2011

Pig. Is. Runt.

Hi! Sorry I did not post for a while, I'm so busy making tests and doing homework ):
But here two outfits of last week!


Outfit 2:

I saw Sunshine the other day. It was a visual stunning movie, and the story was impressive. My favorite actor, Cillian Murphy, plays his role so incredibly good!
But I think Disco Pigs is even better.
That is a very touching movie. It is so weird, when you see the trailer you already are like WTF
But the acting too in that movie. It is just... amazing. Incredible.You should see it for yourself!
The movie is only 90 minutes, here is the youtube link to the first part:
Enjoy (: I did!

Now I'm gonna go back to learning, goodbye! :')

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the first outfit!

  2. Joun ketting is zoooooooooooooo geweldig!!!

  3. Love the shoes!
    Liefs, Donna.

  4. Wauw die schoenen van de eerste foto <3 Echt leuk! Waar zijn ze van?

    xx Cristi

  5. Dankje voor je reactie, Mooie haarkleur heb je ^^
    en je ketting is echt super!

    De laatste foto heb ik van weheartit, dus ik weet niet of ze een blog heeft.. maar ze is idd echt mooi! :)

  6. Isn't that thesame necklace as in Harry Potter? I like it anyway!

    xx Marije