vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

So I bought Vans

I still can't believe it.
I am not a trend-follower. Ergo, if something is 'hot' I stay as far away as possible from it.
But picture this; You've only got high heels and your feet are beginning to hurt because you walk on them every day. You do have sneakers, but you don't feel comfortable wearing them.
The solution? Vans. I'm in love with them now. Even when everybody seems to have them.


And the day before yesterday:

I won't be posting many outfits this week, because I have a test week.
And I've a very nice thing to tell you:
I have a new camera! The canon eos 500d! I'm so proud of it. It makes really good pictures, I only have to find out what all the functions are, hehe.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. superleuke outfits!
    vans zijn gaaf ja, en ze zitten heerlijk.
    ik kan nu bijna niet meer zonder, draag ze bijna elke dag nu, oeps. >.<

  2. ik vind je haaaaaaaar zo mooi!!
    en dat eerste vestje, en gewoon al die outfits vind ik wel tof x]
    al haaat ik broeken

  3. Leuke schoenen op de 1ste foto en mooié ketting!

  4. Vans are amazing! I like your outfit with them!

    xx Marije

  5. Leuk! Ik hou van je hartjespanty en bloemenvestje :).

  6. clau. ik smacht om een nieuwe post!

  7. Wauwieee, die panty met hartjes en die hele outfit echt super leuk! <3